Friday, December 31, 2010

Stay-cation turned Stuck-cation

I was beginning to despair. The temperatures have been hovering below 25 degrees and the sun has remained hidden behind the clouds.  The wind has been whipping the snow into all kinds of contours.

Snow is fine. Clouds are fine, too.  Just give me some warmth for heaven's sake, and I won't complain.  At least then the bundling up of the kids doesn't take more time than they actually spend outside.

Dean has been home from work.  He's off Wednesday through Monday.  I had the bright idea to head West and find some beaches and big city entertainment. As usual my idea was met with skepticism.  So we decided to have a staycation instead of a vacation. We thought we'd enjoy some relaxed play with the kids and have a few outings. I must admit that the inclement weather ruined our initial plans.  On day 1, we planned to go to the Aquaplex, a YMCA type of place.  Unfortunately, that closed early due to the snow.  On Day 2, we planned to have a family sledding day.  Unfortunately, it was 18 degrees (we are Arizonans, we like to sled in 30 or above).  Day 3 was set aside for the museum and ice skating. I do believe that this may still happen.  As well as the previous day's plans too. You see, the sun is shining! 

Actually, I just realized that it is 3 degrees outside.  Well I won't complain. Getting out of the house is vacation enough.

We have not been sitting at the window and pining all this time, though. I finished reading Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre and Dean got through the first chapter of his online course. We had some unexpected company, that was stuck in flagstaff for half the day as the interstates were closed. It was fun to have someone to visit with while we being "stuck".
Also, Connor loves to draw. Dean had inquired about drawing or art lessons for him, but it was advised that we let his creativity take its own course at this young age. So we encourage him to draw, paint, and color. And we marvel over his creations. And we join him.  
On day 1, we pulled out his new drawing book and some paper.

We thought to draw with him, but as it was, he didn't want to miss out on anything, and simply observed and provided commentary, or should I say criticism?  Dad whipped his drawing out in no time. Mine took me a little longer. Connor didn't really care for my drawing. I had to agree with him, though, I had a poor sense of proportion. The poor little doggy's legs had something seriously wrong.  After Dad fixed my drawing by hiding the mutations in a tub, I have to say its a passable drawing. But then again, I'm no artist. 

I'll stick with taking the photographs.

Happy New Year to you all!

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  1. I wish our world looked like yours! I woke up to rain and 40 degrees yesterday morning. The couple inches we got the middle of the week is now ice and makes ice cleats a necessity when hauling out the trash, at least for me. Enjoy your Stuck-cation!