Monday, December 27, 2010

A busy weekend, but one I wouldn't have missed

Christmas was...wonderful.. and busy.
Some year I will figure out how to slow down the whole holiday season since each year it seems to go by all the faster. I hardly pulled out my camera.  I only regret that while sitting here on blogger.

Thursday morning, the day before Christmas Eve, we let the kids open their gifts. They were much too large to haul down the hill with us, so my kids had three Christmases. Aubrey loved her doll house, and spent much of the day arranging furniture and families.  The boys were busy all morning too, building legos and setting up train tracks. They just didn't sit as still as Aubrey did.

Most of my photos aren't post worthy.  Shooting excited children indoors without flash does not lend itself to very crisp or clear photos. With wrapping paper flying and hands and bodies twisting and turning, you get a photo like below.

A new camera is on my someday wish list; although I have no idea yet which camera will take better indoor pictures.  I think I need a smaller aperture so I can get a faster shutter speed? And can a good camera shoot at a high ISO without a whole lot of noise?
Actually, I know what single thing would solve the problem - light. I need larger windows in both my house and my mother's and anywhere else I choose to photograph my kids.

The rest of the weekend was busy with our Christmas Eve morning tradition of sledding, cousins playing, gift opening, game playing, riisi piirakka eating, carol singing, visiting, cookie eating, very late bedtimes, more gift opening, and Christmas Day services, all during which my camera stayed in the bag. Oh well. I can't be present and behind the camera with so much going on.

It was wonderful to be with family.  Dean and I are lucky; both of our parents and most of our siblings live in the same town. Its only during the holidays that we agonize over having both in town, because it is then that we have to choose whose party to miss out on!

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