Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Alfie the Elf Update

Alfie has continued to surprise the children (If you have no idea what I am talking about, catch up here, We have an elf).  I am happy that he has done all three things I have hoped for.  First off, he has kept the kids busy during school break. Yesterday, Alfie left a gift in the mailbox - three books tied with a ribbon.  All day yesterday, the kids were busy with those activity and drawing books. Alfie also has made the weeks up to Christmas more fun.  On Saturday morning, we found a package of powdered donuts, I mean snowman poop, tied with his signature ribbon. The kids were beyond thrilled to get to eat those before breakfast.

But most importantly, Alfie has helped my kids learn about giving.
On December 16th, Connor pulled a note tied with a red and green ribbon out of the mailbox.
The note said, "Christmas is about giving. Find some way to give to someone in your neighborhood or community."
Connor immediately thought of their handmade gift boxes, and said "We already are!"
Hmmm, I had to point out that they were giving those gifts to people who didn't live in our town.
That evening we discussed ways to reach out and give.  The mall had a Law Enforcement Toy Drive that collected toys for the needy, and our local Safeway had a Help us End Hunger Drive that collected food for the food bank.  Our children decided that food was a better gift.

On Friday, they dug into their piggy banks and pocketed some of their money.  At the grocery store, my kids picked out two pre-filled bags to donate and handed over their cash, then placed them in the food bank box.  The bags came to $11.55, and the three kids had enough to buy both with their own money.

Thank you Alfie, for helping my kids learn an important lesson.
Oh, and thanks for the gingerbread house kit you left this morning! That is some more busy fun!  But my kids are still waiting for a picture of you...

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