Friday, December 17, 2010

One Performing Child, One Proud Mom

What is it about watching your child perform?
Why is it that we, the parent sitting in the audience, feel so proud to have birthed (if you are the mom:)), raised, and loved that child?

Connor gave me a huge surprise today at his school program.
I knew he was going to be a bear in the program, which was called "The Mitten". When he went up on stage, I had my video camera ready.  My eyebrows rose to the ceiling once he started singing.  Dean and I looked at each other in surprise and grinned, then turned back to watch our firstborn finish his little solo. What a stinker! He didn't tell me he was going to sing!!  I bet a video of us parents would have been comical; Dad on the edge of his seat craning to see it all over the baby's head and Mom's smile splitting from ear to ear behind the camera. I had planned on uploading the video, but for some reason blogger won't load it.  :(  I'll keep trying.

This bear is kind of quiet and timid (he had to be told to move closer to the microphone when it was his turn) but I still think he is the greatest bear around.

The whole program was really cute and put together very well (kudos to the music teacher who had to organize four first grade classes and who knows how many Kindergarten and Second Grade classes).  We loved all the songs and everybody's cute white mittens.
If you've read The Mitten storybook, you know that Nikki asks her Grandma to make her some new white mittens.  Grandma warns here that it will be hard to see them against the white snow, but Nikki persists so Grandma gives in and makes them anyway. One mitten does get lost in the snow. It is found by an animal (I forget which one found it first) who crawls inside for warmth.  Soon another animal comes along, and another, until it is filled to bursting.  The bear then sings a song about how warm the mitten looks, and tells them all to "move over, move over". He has to show his claws and teeth (rather timidly) to be let inside the already crowded mitten.

Finally, the last animal, a mouse, squeezes in the mitten.  All is fine until the bear sneezes! 
No more mitten.

The whole cast got a huge round of applause as the performers bowed and bowed again,
and I do believe our clapping was the loudest!

Afterward, I think that Donovan found the bear to be pretty great too.

On our way home, we kept our eye out for a white mitten lost in the new fallen snow.

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  1. Awww! Adorable! I would love to see the video if blogger will ever load it. That's a bummer. Tell the bear, when i looked at the pictures i already knew he did so awsome! Lots o hugs! :)