Thursday, December 2, 2010

Embracing Motherhood

I am a mother.
I see the value in what I do.
I am content.

It hasn't always been so.  The everyday chores of motherhood easily become monotonous.  It's easy to feel 'stuck' at home.  Yesterday's post, To Be a Mom (thank you to those that left an encouraging comment), was probably one of those times. Writing, I've found, is a good way to put things in perspective.  Then once I've put the pen down, that's that, time to move on.  I am amazed at how quickly I forget the overwhelming periods...

Now that my baby is 16 months old, and our family has long since adjusted to the addition, life is good. We clip along at a smooth pace.
I'm not saying life is always a bed of roses in our household; I'm saying that I feel in control once again. I am happy to be Mom to my kids.

I came to the realization that this, being a stay at home mom, is exactly what I want to be doing.  If I became a full time student, or got a job outside of the home, who then would do my job? 
Who would kiss the little ones' owies when they fell?  Who would send the school kids out the door with an "I love you. Do your best!"? Who would encourage the baby when he is taking his first steps?  Who would teach the toddlers how to do a puzzle?  Who would take the time to just be plain silly with the kids? 
More importantly, who would love them when they are not being their best self?

These things are my job.  I don't want to give it to someone else.
No one can do this job as well as I can.  Not because I am a perfect mother, but because I love them more than anyone else I know.

I can't imagine missing out on any part of my job.  While I knew I wanted to be Mom five years ago, I don't think I embraced it.  Now I am completely content.  I don't want to be anywhere else in the world. 
I live for my baby's giggle.  I can't wait to show and teach my kids new things.
A positive attitude makes the day so much easier for everyone.
When the kids are all at my feet while I'm cooking dinner, we sing silly songs together, or I put them on the counter near me (terrible, I know! When one of them falls I'll stop doing it).  When my three year old wakes in the early morning, I pull him into bed with me and snuggle him back to sleep.  When everyone wants to help me do laundry, we compare folding methods even though it means the chore takes three times as long. I am happy to be at home, and I hope to make a happy home.

Life is not always perfect. Neither am I.  I will still have bad days, get tired, and be a less-than-perfect mother.
I now realize that my hobbies are important. So is taking time for myself, and in that aspect, I have changed.  In the past, when I was frazzled, I would slam cupboard doors, holler at the kids, and expect my husband to read my mind, or my actions at least, and then say, "Honey, you deserve a break. Why don't you go get a massage or go shopping. I'll take care of things here."
Now, before I get to the point of slamming doors and hollering, I speak up for myself.  I tell my husband, "I need a break. Is tonight a good night for me to leave?"
And he always says yes. The old saying that, "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" holds a lot of truth.  Dad knows this! :)

I have no idea if anyone is interested in reading this, or why they would. If you just did, thank you.


  1. I am so glad you are content and I agree with everything you say. There was nothing I wanted more than to be a mom and for some reason it did not happen. So I feel so good when I hear mothers say that they enjoy their job and love their kids and are content. You are blessed beyond measure, and attitude and remembering how short a time they are little and you have them with you is so important! Hugs to all of you! (I have been blessed, too, by having such wonderful nieces, nephews and great-nieces and nephews! I love you all very much!)

  2. Gosh you took the words right out of my mouth!