Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Racing into the New Year

I feel like life is a course on a race-track, like I see on my kids' Mario-Kart Nintendo game. Some parts of the course are easy going - straight away; other parts are full of bumps, twists, and turns.
I feel like we just completed one big curve in the course, with only two wheels touching the ground and me tightly gripping the wheel, my face set in a wince over the execution of that turn.

We brought in the New Year with a flurry of activity.  Once the snow stopped falling, we ventured out and enjoyed our stay-cation. We played games, toured a museum, went ice skating, and ate out. We enjoyed some overnight company with whom we sledded, ice skated, swam, and ate out some more.
And, as we are currently trying to find new tenants for our house, we have some added stress. This morning I felt like a crazy secretary (which is good, I suppose, it means progress).

While I thoroughly enjoyed watching my oldest two become comfortable on the ice, and my youngest two more confident in the water, I have never been so happy for the start of a week before like I was for this one.  Routine. Structure. School. Work.  Thank goodness!

I love routine, especially after a long, busy weekend.  I'm ready to hop off the race-way and walk in the park. It means I feel more in control, and I get to play again. And speaking of making time to play, I loved Anita's New Year's resolution.
And speaking of New Year's resolutions, I almost forgot to make any.  On New Year's Eve, when I told Connor that it would be 2011 in two hours, I realized that I had been too busy to give the New Year any thought.
One year is a long time. I doubt many people can claim to still be upholding their resolutions come March.  I like Jessica's decision to break down her goals into steps.

But I have no tangible goals that can be measured into steps, no plans to eat better, exercise more, spend less, or lose weight. I already make a conscious effort to serve more vegetables, and get out and get active as a family. I feel this is enough for now.

I simply want to be more present.  I want to give 100% in whatever it is I'm doing: reading to the kids, helping the oldest with his homework, building train tracks with the boys, braiding my daughters hair, visiting with a friend, or sharing a quiet moment with Dean.
I want to be a better mom, wife, friend, daughter, and sister.

I want to be more selfless and give more.
This year, I resolve to give myself.

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  1. I love, love, love your resolution. Being present in any situation is the best gift you could give anybody. Love you! Heather