Friday, January 4, 2013

(One of) Fifty Two Photos

I've seen lots of year long photo projects around the internet, whether they be a daily, weekly, or monthly challenge, and have been meaning to attempt it for myself.
I've been meaning for a couple years now.

So this year I have put aside my former excuses of oops, the first of the year already passed or maybe I should wait until I get a real camera and I'm just going to dive right in.  

And as four of my photography-loving blogging friends will be joining me, it'll be eye candy fun. I'm sure you will amazed and I will be intimidated inspired by their weekly images (they take seriously awesome pictures! Be sure to hop on over to their blogs to check out their weekly pictures in the link circle below. You'll hop from one blog to the next, getting a new link at each one till you've come full circle).

Each week we'll have a specific theme of which to try photograph. The goal is to challenge ourselves as photographers, stretch our creativity, and (for me at least) to pick up our cameras more often.

I present you with: Fifty Two Photos.
Actually, today I'll present you with one, the first of fifty two.

1:52 - Winter
Toasty Toes
It's not the most typical winter photo, but who can resist toddler toes?! (I wish my soles were that smooth!)

This is a common scene around here.  We have a small rug in front of the stove and on most mornings there are four kids fighting for the front and center spot.  And as the wind is currently whipping caps out of the blanket of snow in my yard, I wouldn't mind taking a nap there myself!

Like to see more?  Head on over to Amber's blog to see her take on winter and to someone else's from there!  
And check back next Friday for 2:52!


  1. love your version of winter- it makes me want to grab a book and snuggle up! baby it's cold outside!

  2. oh love. i want to be back at your house snuggled with that stove burning.