Thursday, December 16, 2010

We have an elf.

His name is Alfie.  Have you ever heard of Alfie the Elf?
Let me back up a little.  With the school winter break coming, I am already brainstorming ways to keep the kids busy, out of my hair, off the computer, and away from each other's throats.
Last week, I came across this post over at Tara Whitney's blog about Bernard, their Christmas elf.  He helps the kids count down the days till Christmas by leaving something for them each day until Christmas Day. Genius!

I promptly sent in a request for an elf of our own. But I had a specific request... I wanted Alfie, because my kids love him. They have listened to "Alfie the Elf" on our "Wee Sing for Christmas" CD so many times that we all have the song memorized.  "Alfie the elf, was Santa's helper. Alfie the elf just loved to try, but when he worked for dear old Santa, Alfie the elf could only cry..."
This year, Alfie didn't make a delivery (a box of 20 Christmas cookie cutters) until yesterday, the 15th of December.  Perhaps I will be more on the ball next year and get my request in sooner.  Nonetheless, he has created a lot of excitement in our household.

Alfie shares a trait with Bernard; they are both bossy.  Yesterday, Alfie instructed the kids to make sugar cookies.  The kind you roll out!  You'd think he'd consult me first! I think he wanted my kitchen table, the floor, and all of the kids completely covered in flour so he could get a good laugh!

Actually, we did have a lot of fun. Alfie made our annual tradition a little more fun with his gift.

Donovan ate every piece of dough he could get his hands on (and how do you like his new fave toy? Roar!!!). Brant had the most fun kneading the extra scraps as if it were bread, resulting in warm, soft dough that was difficult to roll out again.
We can't wait until to tomorrow to frost them.

And, we are anxiously awaiting the next delivery from Alfie.
Oh, and Alfie, if you are reading this, Connor has requested a picture of you so he can see what you look like.


  1. I love it!! You have just given me fabulous ideas for next year?! Not that it will get done ... I'll promptly forget once the festivities are over. I am just imagining the fun one could have with their own household or other households. :)

  2. I saw Tara's post and thought "brilliant"! I think I'll try it next year.

  3. That does look fun! I saw Tara's elf too last year and thought I would do it this year! But again, maybe next year! Fun ideas!