Monday, December 13, 2010

My e-card

I love the month of December, especially in the state of Arizona.
Yesterday, we took a trip down the hill to Prescott Valley, and it was a beautiful mid-60's day.  We went on a walk around Lynx Lake and marveled that it really was the middle of December.  Since I left the camera in the car, I'll have to describe all the snap shots I took in my mind:
the sun shining on Donovan's fuzzy peach head while riding on Dean's shoulders, the still,still water with the vivid reflections of sky and pine trees, my babies face as he watched the ducks and geese flocking around a woman with a piece of bread, Aubrey in her eclectic, colorful outfit holding Denise's hand, skipping to keep up, Donovan tucked like a kangaroo into uncle Russell's vest, Brant riding on Dean's back saying, "We are good hikers, Dad!"

Another reason I love December - I love the anticipation of opening the mail box and finding what looks to be a Christmas card inside, then seeing who it is from and ripping it open.
Its so fun to display all the greeting cards that come in the mail, and see photos of loved ones and how friends' kids have grown, as it seems like 80 percent of the Christmas cards I receive are photo cards. 

This year, I am not sending my cards out by snail mail :( but by e-mail.  
So, to all my blog readers and friends:

Interested in the story behind this photo?  Read about it here, A Tale of an Attempted Photo Shoot.


  1. Happy holidays, Keilah! I love your card, whether it's digital or otherwise, it was still a nice surprise to get it in my "mailbox". :) And I loved your description of the photos you didn't are so present with your children, it is really touching.

  2. What a beautiful card of a beautiful family! May your Christmas be filled with peace and joy as well. Love you all!

  3. Cute picture! I am not sending out cards either, so I may just have to post an ecard too!