Monday, July 28, 2014

Hangin' with Daddy

I feel lucky.

I have had so much help this summer.

Friends and family have cleaned my home, brought dinner over, and even taken all my kids for five days.

And I have Dean...who took a week off of work after we brought the twins home.

Oh, he worked!  He changed more diapers than he probably ever thought possible.  He learned how to make a bottle and feed a baby.  He burped and swaddled and bounced and rocked.  And pretty often, 2 am would mean I was in the chair nursing one baby while he sat up in bed burping the other.  I would sometimes blink fully awake and look up to find a perfect tiny little head against his bare chest. And I would smile.
And it would warm me down to my toes.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Graham and Loretta's arrival

"If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you be?"

That was the question I posed to Dean from my perch on the birthing ball.
We were in a labor and delivery room of our hospital, and I was getting sick of waiting for the full dose of antibiotics to drip into my system so I could get on with my induction.  I was looking for distraction.

The question was the wrong one to ask though.  We each knew the other didn't want to be anywhere else but there.  We were both ready to meet our twins.

And I was ready.  I had gotten over my fear and reluctance of being induced (call me chicken if you want, but I like familiar. Inductions were not familiar. Actually, come to think of it, neither were twins).

Regardless, I showed up at the hospital on Friday morning ready for pit, and whatever the drug would bring.
Except it took foreeevvveeerr to get the IV into my narrow veins.  And forever for the antibiotic to run (they were worried that I would have the babies before they could get the full 4-hour dose in, so they 'paused' the induction - which was just an ineffective gel at that point - to finish the penicillin).

I told Dean at one point that "being induced is for the birds!  It's such slow going!"

At 1:00 they finally started the pitocin drip.
At 2:00 I told the nurse "I got this. This is easy," as I rocked my way through contractions on the exercise ball.
At 2:30 I told Dean "two more hours" (I'm getting pretty good at guessing arrival times of my babies)!
At 3:00 I asked the nurse if she could "bump up my pit".
At 3:30 the Dr. broke my water (what a relief!) to intensify labor.
At 4:00 I was wheeled into the operating room (protocol, despite my natural labor).
At 4:20 my Dr. said "Whenever you're ready. Bear down whenever you feel you're ready".
And at 4:30 I was listening to two babies cry.

At that moment, I was utterly and completely exhausted!
But filled with the most peaceful happiness too.
My babies were here, healthy and whole!

Graham Reid arrived, wide-eyed, at 4:26 pm weighing 6 lbs 14 oz and measuring 19 1/2 inches tall.
Loretta Irene arrived, already exercising her lungs, at 4:29 pm with the exact same weight and height as her brother!

Throughout my two night stay in the hospital I got lots of congratulations.  Most of my nurses would enter my room for the first time and say something like "I hear you are a rockstar!"

But no, I am not a rockstar.  

I am a mom.  
A mom of seven.  
A mom of twins!
And it's pretty darn awesome!

The sweet welcome we drove home to.

They are so perfect!
We couldn't feel more blessed!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Oh yeah, they're here! The twins!

You know...I thought I'd try.
Try get a blog post about the arrival of our twins up.

But Loretta just let out a holler from the bedroom, and Graham is starting to fuss in the swing.
Oh, right, that's what we named them.  Loretta Irene and Graham Reid.  Born three minutes apart on June 27th weighing in at the exact same 6 lbs 14 oz.  These two are in sync!  So much so that if I take Graham out of the crib at night to feed him, Loretta senses he is gone and wakes up too.
Then I have two crying babies and only two hands with which to work.

Yes, the nights are sometimes crazy. And so are the days, actually.

Day five went something like this (thank goodness my hubby took a week off work)...

Struggle to get Loretta latched on (yes, I am breastfeeding both babies. Yes, I sometimes wonder if I am crazy, or will go crazy, for making that decision). Finally relax and feed Loretta.  Graham starts to cry and root around as she is finishing up.  Hand Loretta off to Dad to be burped, and feed Graham.  Loretta wants to eat again while I am burping Graham.  He loads his diaper, so I hand him off to Dad to be changed and feed Loretta once again. Graham comes back hungrier than ever now that he has room in his stomache.  Dad is pacing and bouncing Loretta, trying to stretch a few more minutes in until Graham is satisfied.

Repeat the above several times.

My sleep deprived brain is producing thoughts such as these:
Wait, did I miss lunch??
It would really be nice to take a shower today.
They are soo stinkin' cute!
Did I just take my vitamins, or was that yesterday?
No need to hold my bread while I butter it hon, I got this one handed stuff down pat.
I have been sitting in this same chair ALL day long! I need a breath of fresh air!
I just love newborn soft skin. And Loretta's hair!
I am starving.
Who the heck boils their breast pump parts for 10 minutes after every use?!?
Help! I am drowning in milk over here!      

So I apologize for not getting a real announcement with photos and a story posted here for you. It's coming, I promise. In the meantime, refer to the instagram side bar to the right for all kinds of adorable cuteness.

I'll be back once I figure out how to keep my head above water.