Monday, December 20, 2010

Where's my slippers and my coffee?

Blah.  It's an overcast, cold Monday.  I almost wish that I did drink coffe! I just want to crawl in a hole until Friday, and almost until after Christmas.
But that's scrooge-ish.  So I won't crawl in a hole.

Instead I will rock my baby to sleep.
August 2009
I love that he calms down when I sing to him, and lately I've been singing "Silent Night".  How sweet is that? We wrap up in our fuzziest, warmest blanket and snuggle close.  Sometimes I get through two verses before he stops crying and fighting sleep. Then I sing it again, even though he is already in slumber land.  Many times my own eyes get heavy as his warm little body relaxes against mine.

I remember the days when I rocked Connor and nursed him to sleep, then took a nap with him in the rocking chair. Ahh, I miss those days; they seem so long ago.
But then I would not have these other children calling to me that they are ready for the next page in their activity book.  So I cut my cuddling time short with my littlest one and I'm now off to do math with Brant, do some pre-K activities with Aubrey, and exclaim over Connor's drawings.

Till tomorrow.

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