Monday, December 6, 2010

Creating in Photoshop Elements

One of the best things about having Photoshop Elements (PSE) is the ability to make your own creations. 

Whether it be a birth announcement,

 a thank you card,

or a fun post card,

you have complete freedom when it comes to design.
It's a lot of fun to start with a blank white document then print a finished product that is exactly what you want.  I love to make photo cards for other people.  Some day, perhaps my hobby will pay.

Also, I like to pretend I'm good at digital scrapbooking.
It involves PSE, so therefore I love it!
Years ago, as in before I had any kids, I tried paper scrapbooking.   
Then I got a digital camera and didn't print my pictures anyway.  
Then I discovered what fun it was do it all digitally.  No mess!
Then I got kind of tired of sitting in front of the computer.
Then I bought a new version of PSE that came with a srapbooking DVD.
Back at it once again!

My first pages were pretty basic.  But I like them.

I like storyboards, in other words - lots of pictures. I haven't been big on flowery sayings and embellishments.

 I've always been of the opinion that two photos on one 12 x 12 inch page is a waste of space, but I gave it a try anyhow.

And I think I like it!
It just might be time to find some other sites besides


  1. try I found a cute font on their site.

  2. has tons of free papers/elements/packs too! I am years behind in scrapbooking! I need to get started again.