Thursday, December 30, 2010

MB Family Snapshots

I enjoy taking pictures for my friends. I recently told one friend that I felt like I should pay her to let me take their family picture. I want the practice. And I learn from it.
This last little photo session I learned a lot from. The main thing being that I need some kind of external flash on my camera to take nice indoor shots. So while I did get some photos, I can't wait to re-do these, so to speak, outdoors where I will have better light and better backdrops.

I love this shot; it's real. Don't you love the look littlest brother is getting from sis? Some of the kids are in their own little world, as kids are apt to be, and all the while Mom and Dad just have eyes for each other.

I've come to realize that the first shot / pose always turns out the best.
This was one of the first photos I took, and nobody is tired of looking or smiling yet. :)

I had to include this one, she is so sweet.

Here's the Mom and Dad of this beautiful family. Aren't they cute?


  1. I like the first shot you posted here- the one where they're all sitting down.

  2. I love that first's has a beautiful composition & seems to capture everyone's unique personality. Hope you have a wonderful New Year, Keilah!

  3. So fun to see pictures of them! The kids are getting big ... and I love the way you capture the mom and dad. :)