Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reverse Stencil Painted Table

I finished project #2, but it is not perfect.

It all started with this little $5 table that I found.  It seemed sturdy enough for kid abuse and was the perfect height for a patio end table - you know, somewhere to set you cup of tea or plate of grilled food when you're enjoying the sunshine.

The table needed some pizzazz though, 
and this is the coffee table that came to mind when I contemplated whether to stain or paint mine.

lacquered coffee table with woodgrain
I was going to both stain and paint it!
So I stained the top of the table and the shelf, since I was going for a two-toned look.
I filled the holes and applied a polyurethane over the stain.

Then, using adhesive card stock and a stencil, I cut out my bird and leaf design (here's where a cricut or silhouette would come in really handy). I placed my sticker on the table top, and covered the shelf with plastic as I wanted that to remain stained.

After rubbing the sticker for a good 2 minutes to ensure it was stuck good, I held my breath and sprayed the entire table with primer.

Not good! The sticker was not sticking!  I rubbed it back down and applied a thin coat of spray paint, then peeled off the sticker to check my work.

Darn! The lines aren't all crisp!  If you try this, I would recommend trying the adhesive vinyl ($9.99 at Joann's) over the cardstock.
Since my baby was getting fussy at this point, I stuck the table in the garage and forgot about it for a few days. After Dean assured me that it still looked neat with the soft edges, even intentional, I  covered the design with painters tape and finished the job.

It might not be obvious in the picture, but you can see edges where the painters tape was and the paint is very thin around the bird design, but thick everywhere else.

If I were to do this again, I would use adhesive vinyl and I would not peel off the sticker until I was completely done painting.  I was actually contemplating sanding down that corner of the table top and doing it again.
But, I've run out of nice weather

This is the 2nd furniture post that my kids have made it into this month.  Aren't they cute?
so it will stay as is for now.  Oh well.
And truthfully, it might just stay as is for more than just now.

Completed table! And yes, the green outdoor carpet has got to go!
Once I use it a few times, I probably won't even notice the imperfections.  Besides, by then some other crafty bee will have lodged itself in my bonnet and I will be on to something else. ;)

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