Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Tale of an Attempted Photo Shoot

I had two goals this last Sunday: to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasted, and to get a good photo of my kiddos for a Christmas card.

We decided to go for a hike. I wasn't sure that 'hike' and 'nice family photo' were synonymous, but I was determined, the day was supposed to be in the 50's after all!
So I chose some half-way coordinating clothes for the kids to wear, filled some water bottles, and loaded the child carriers into the van.
As we were pulling off our road, I realized that the hike we had chosen was at 8,450 feet.  It was bound to be cooler there than at home.  We turned around and grabbed additional sweaters for everyone. Okay, good to go. Mental note - take the pictures before everyone's noses turn bright red.

Our destination was the Veit Springs Trail in the San Francisco Mountains.
It was beautiful up there, and cool.  Once we were all bundled up and had the baby loaded up, it didn't make sense to undo the work just for a picture.  So off we hiked.

 After one wrong turn, we found our way back to the trail and came across some old stone well houses.  The kids had fun exploring these, as well as the log cabin that was built in 1892 (which has long since fallen down).

The boy who loves rock climbing. Then again, what boy doesn't?
What's a hike without a walking stick?

 Please note: I have a three year old boy. A boy that has recently learned to use the toilet. A boy that says "I have to go pee!" every time we are in some new, cool place.
This boy can now add a cave to all the fun places he has tinkled.

After we were done exploring and peeing in dark places, we attempted to get some pictures.
After this shot, I said, "Oh, that looks nice. Now you hop out of the picture Dean, and I'll try take it quick before Donovan cries."

Or Not!

My son took a couple photos of Dean and I, but since none of them were in focus, we fell back on the distorted close up you always get when you hold the camera out and take the picture yourself.
I really don't think our noses are this big, but at least they aren't red!

Well, lets keep hiking then.  Sweater's go back on, child goes back in the carrier.
"Oh, this looks nice,"  I said once again a little later.
So I unload baby, take 20 photos of the same pose, sigh about the no longer half-way coordinating outfits since two kids are wearing their sweaters, and load the now-fussing baby back into the carrier.
The things we do to get a decent family photo!!

But hey, I accomplished both my goals for the day.  We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and I should have one good photo out of the 20 I took.
And no, you may not see it, it's not Christmas-time yet!


  1. Hi Keilah! God's Peace, I was just chuckling reading your story about Christmas card pics because we tried to get ours while my mom was in town....we just have the three of us so I figured easy right?? After an hour of trying to get our little girl to just look at the camera I gave up....we didn't get a single decent picture.....then a few weeks later i decided to try again and just use the tripod because we didn't have anyone to take the picture and after 5 seconds and two pics we got the perfect shot of our family....Rihanna is smiling away and i couldn't believe that the tripod would make her so happy to smile! I guess you just never know with kids how picture time is going to go :)
    Anyways hope you all are well, and I have enjoyed following your blog!
    God's Peace,
    Ashley Pirness

  2. You're right Ashley, you just never know with kids. I guess that that's half the fun! I'm going to have to try the tripod trick next time. That's something new, and therefore bound to get their attention!

  3. Oh, just so much fun! Good luck with the Christmas photo. I don't know when I'm going to manage mine. Maybe we won't. I tried to do the "I won't feed you Thanksgiving dinner until we take a family picture" routine, but Alyx works that day. Ought to be about as challenging as yours ... just in a different way!