Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Words Escape Me [Laughter does not]


  1. ha ha. so cute! ethan wears his sun glasses around the house every day and it's henry who likes to run around "cleaning" with a squirt bottle and towel to wipe. so funny. xo

  2. Adorable! :)
    What a wonderful idea... C tries so hard to help me out and finds the spray bottles as often as possible. Hhmmm... if i put his sunglasses on, he won't spray in his eyes!

  3. lol! Actually, he put the glasses on because "it's too sunny" and he couldn't see to wash the window, but now I see their dual purpose. And I just filled that bottle up with vinegar water so that he could help to his hearts content without me worrying about noxious fumes being inhaled.