Friday, January 21, 2011

Random Bits

My brain is tired of thinking.  Today I have planned no errands, no list of things to accomplish. I am looking forward to daily chores, crazy I know, but it means I can relax and bake my cookies and get my laundry done.
As a result of my brain wanting the day off, I have a very boring post today, a list of random thoughts from the last few days. 

I was very excited to see a package in the mail box the other day, I knew it was my cheese slicer! You might not think a cheese slicer is exciting, but this little piece of steel came to me all the way from Finland, thanks to a very dear friend.  Hopefully now we can ditch the cutting with a knife method and save our cheese from crumbling and our knuckles from getting scraped off.

Joann's has re-opened! I hope to spend my day on the sewing machine tomorrow, after a trip for fabric, of course.  Is there anything more fun than perusing the aisles and aisles of fabric choices again and again?  I can't wait, and I'm going by myself!  Oh, yes, and maybe now I'll finally finish my pebble quilted circle blanket that needs two more spools of varigated thread.

I've been busy lately, doing a lot of research, and perhaps I'll share at a later date.  
The result of this is the feeling of guilt when it comes to my kids. I haven't spent any quality time with them. Earlier this week, we built a ginormous train track (I think we have 3 sets) and today we are going to do that again.  I need to get a picture, it takes up the entire room. We place Donovan in one corner by the hill and he'll stay there saying "weeee" and dropping trains down the hill for a good half hour and will leave us and the rest of the track alone.

Last night, we had our weekly get together for Bible Class.  Even though it is just us three families, I look forward to an evening of visiting.  Maybe that is why I look forward to it, because there are only our three families up here.  Weekends are pretty much reserved for treks down the hill or company coming up, but these middle of the week reprieves are fun.  And because I can't seem to get my words down adequately, I will stop altogether.  

I just brought Connor to school in my pajamas and robe.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Hey Keilah, hope your weekend has helped relax you. I totally get the "tired brain" feeling! I wanted to also let you know that you're not the only one who feels guilt when you take time away from your kids to do something for yourself (or for someone else) - whatever the reason. It must be hardwired into our tired mom brains! I do try to feel that my time spent doing something other than mothering actually helps me be a better mom. :)