Friday, January 7, 2011

Hunting for Cool Places

We received this fun book as a Christmas gift.

What I love about this book is that it's not a list of specific destinations. It suggests something to see or a place to go; its kind of like a scavenger hunt.

What's the number one place you gotta see? A lighthouse.

The book gives all kinds of fun facts about the place you are supposed to find.  For example, did you know that lighthouse keepers have created a system of physical painted patterns and light flashing patterns to distinguish one lighthouse from the other? A sea captain can map his position down the coast by marking each lighthouse that he passes.

Some of the suggestions we can already cross off the list. Or put the 'been there' sticker on. We drive on Route 66 every week, and we've been to a wildlife refuge as well as a boardwalk.

Other suggestions I don't think we'll even consider.  Can you imagine bringing four young kids people watching?  

It wouldn't be long till you had all the people watching for your kids.
I know where we are headed on our next trip to San Diego!

And I'll let you know how to find an archeological site once I figure it out myself.

Who would have thought to make a family trip to the landfill?  Certainly not me, but I have to admit that I am now thinking of the landfill that we drive past every other weekend in a whole new light. I now view the stinking heap of trash as an educational field trip.

My poor kids never get to quietly take in the sites; I'm always there cramming every little bit of knowledge about what we're seeing into their heads.

Here is one of my favorites: An old Folk's Home. I just don't know how my kids would do in one, they are rather shy.

Even though its the middle of winter, this book gives me an itch to hit the road.  I love an excuse to go on a trip!  

Over this last summer we went to the Grand Canyon. Now we just have to figure out which list item to cross off in the book - A Superlative Place, A Very Big Thing, An Artist's Inspiration, or a A Canyon or Gorge.


  1. how cool! my kids would have fun doing this! where was the book from?

  2. My sister ordered it from a catalog, but I was able to find it at Amazon for $10.

  3. it has such great ideas for adventures! hopefully we can take some of them together! lol :)