Monday, January 24, 2011

Wide Awake at 3 AM

I have thought of a great idea for an alarm clock - the sound of a child hurling.
There's nothing that gets you out of bed faster.

Yep, my sleep last night was interrupted by those very sounds. I made it to my daughter's bed, wide awake for once, to discover that I had one big mess, and one miserable child. This reminds me of yesterday's post, interview of a domestic engineer. Here exactly is an example of one of the sacrifices mom's make. We strip puked-on bedding, start the washer, rinse and dump puke buckets, bathe a puked-on child, then rinse and dump another bucket - all at 3 AM.  Then, if you're very unlucky, you repeat this 1, 2, maybe 5 times in one night depending on who else in the family gets the virus. Or if you're even more unlucky, you simply repeat this the next two nights and hope against hope that you don't become so run down that you catch the nasty bug too.

That said, I think we all know that this is yet one more inevitable aspect of motherhood that we simply get through and are thankful when finished with.
As I was combing my daughter's wet hair away from her face at 3:25 AM, though, a different thought occurred to me.  There is satisfaction in giving our children the comfort they need.  My daughter wanted Mom because she wasn't feeling good, and I was able to be there. Although my night wasn't pleasant, hers was made better by me just being Mom.


  1. oh dear. hope you guys feel better soon!

  2. :( ick. never fun.
    I hope everyone makes a quick recovery!