Friday, January 14, 2011

DM Family Photoshoot

I had great fun photographing my friend's family three months ago.  The kids loved getting their pictures taken, and all the boys protested when we said we were done. They made my job easy!

I love the uncontrolled, head throwing laughter of middle brother in this one.
What was so funny? Oh yes, now I remember - the family dog.  He encountered a small black and white animal in the bush a couple days before, and smelled none to pleasant. Mom kept shoo-ing him away and Dad asked, "Don't you want him in the picture?"
 I thought the more appropriate question would have been, "Don't you want the picture looking like we smell a skunk?"

We had some more laughs when Mom thought she saw a mouse. Or was it a spider? I can't remember which, just look at how she has picked up the youngest clear off the bale, and look at brother's face! Priceless!

This little girl is quite the character.
I snapped these pictures of her without saying one word. She was just happy to have a willing ear.

And the best shot I have saved for last.
I won't mention what brought on the giggles in this picture, I'll just say that they are a beautiful family that is a great joy to photograph as well as be around.

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  1. Cool to see your great photos of this great family since they were in Colorado when I was in Prescott.