Friday, March 29, 2013

13:52 Things that grow

I have a lot of things around here that grow.  And five of them are little towheads getting taller and smarter and more independent at an alarming rate.  Take for instance my baby.  She, at eighteen months old, has finally moved over into big sister's room  [Insert a huzzah for a room and bed to ourselves!].  In the mornings, I often come into the dining room to find her at the table, happily and noisily eating breakfast.  Thinking she missed cuddling with me in the night, I offer her a good morning hug.  She's done and pushes me away after a couple seconds [Insert sniffles as I say goodbye to the baby phase].

It seems as these littles grow, the amount of anything else in the house grows right along with them.  Like the laundry. And the messes.  And the stock of food in the pantry.
So, yes, they keep me pretty busy.  I'd say its all worth it though!

And if I wasn't busy enough, I'm considering planting a garden this summer.  I'm wondering if I ever will get too tired to keep up with all the pet projects while in the middle of raising kids.
I hope not.  Because then, I might lose my sanity.

Back to's the sight of this that makes me get excited for spring and summer, and the possibility of lots of green plants growing that will yield yummy food for our table.

13:52 Things that grow

I love bulbs. They require absolutely no work, and come back faithfully every spring.

Now gardening...... maybe I am losing my sanity already.

Once again, head on over to Maaret to see what's growing in her corner of the world.

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  1. I have such a yearning to garden that keeps pulling at my inner peace strings. Even more than all those hobbies that keep us sane, I found gardening gave a soothing peace. Well ... as long as the weeds were under control!