Friday, March 8, 2013

10:52 Shadow

I am ready for spring.

Unless, of course, this weekend's snow storm means I can get on the ski hill one last time.  That'd be a grand way to say good bye to old man winter, don't ya think?

That's what I think of when I think of 'shadow' - winter.
  Didn't the ground hog see his shadow?  And are the dark days of winter done yet?  Dark meaning the nasty sicknesses I mentioned in yesterday's post that I am only too glad to say goodbye to. Shadows that I want to slink away now that the sun is out a little longer each day.

Now this little mischievous shadow is one I've come to love.

10:52 Shadow

The sun's path in the sky is once again blinding us if we sit on the far side of the table at dinner.  Looking at Elaina's shadow reminds me of how last year she sat in her high chair pushed up to the table to join us for dinner, rather than hopping on and off the table from whichever chair she's overtaken as she wills.

Time has this uncanny ability of slipping by me quiet as a shadow if I'm not paying attention.

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