Thursday, March 7, 2013

If you could see my plate, it might be rust colored

I have to shake the pressing sense of guilt as I head to the sunniest chair in the living room, book in hand, my workout DVD pushed to the back of my mind with the label "tomorrow".

For the first time in what seems like a long time (although its probably been only a month) I have nothing that needs my immediate attention.  No vomit-soaked quilts to wash. No feverish child to keep my eye on.  No big weekend plans to prepare my family for.  No bills to pay.

And I'm taking advantage of that fact. By doing absolutely nothing.
It's wonderful in the way that eating too many slices of banana bread in between dressing the kids to go play outside, kissing an owie, making lunch, and repeatedly walking around dazedly wondering where I put my book down only to find it and wonder if this sense of elation I feel upon the knowledge that I can sit down and devour yet another chapter is normal; that kind of wonderful.  Where my  head is blissfully wrapped up in another time and life - Jason Bourne's to be exact - and the dreary sicknesses that have consumed our household this winter are all but forgotten.

And because it feels wasteful, and because I feel guilty, and also because a few hours was actually enough, I am now moving on to the present and to next week, forgetting about the book that made it home from the LA airport with Dean.  I'll pick it up and read in snippets, but for now life continues to pull at me.  My full calendar screams at me from the fridge, reminding me that just because we are all well, life won't necessarily slow down.  Piano lessons today, home services next week, I need to go to Home Depot...that reminds me...

We have a pop up tent trailer now!  It's a little old colemen that I think our family will barely fit into, but perfect for now. I was at Home Depot yesterday shopping for a shop vac with which to de-dustify the thing.  After finding a pricey little vac, I headed to the lighting section to see what deals I might find.  I discovered a stack of ceiling fans on clearance, and decided $21 was too good a deal to pass up as we are currently staring at an 80's fixture every time we lie in bed (and I might as well buy three).  I think I made quite the show for all the retirees shopping that day, me pushing a double stroller and pulling a cart overflowing with boxes of ceiling fans and a vaccuum and the 3 year old obediently following behind with a bag of floor and paint samples.
Anyhow, I digress... Having already reserved our campsite at Sequoia and Yosemite, I have been scouring KOA sites along the coast of central California for our summer road trip. To say we're excited is an understatement.
Me - it's my dream vacation.  The kids - the dream playhouse.
A few mornings ago, I found them here, with a deck of uno cards.

This tent trailer is a fun pet project that isn't so consuming that it takes away from our big project inside of repainting and replacing the flooring in our bedrooms.  It's a fun filler project.  In between everything else, I'm emptying, cleaning, scrubbing, and planning to do some upholstery shopping and recovering.

My kind of fun, so long as it stays a stress free project on the large, ever revolving, ever changing plate that is my life.
Sure my plate is full, but a good kind of full.
My plate is spinning, but not at an alarmingly fast rate.
And currently, the view from my plate is looking pretty beautiful.  
I suddenly want to be wearing one of those rust colored t-shirts with the simple truth printed in smallish white letters - "life is good".

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