Friday, March 15, 2013

11:52 Morning Light

With the early sunrises come the warmer weather.
With the warmer weather come the birds.
And with the birds come their song.

It's a beautiful way to welcome a new day. 

11:52 Morning Light

"Hear the little songbird sing. 
Hear the joyful praises ring."

If my face wasn't already fried from yesterday afternoon's excursion to the ski hill, I'd still be sitting outside soaking up the morning sun, listening to the birds call back and forth to each other.  As it is, my lobster/raccoon face needs some protection so I guess I'll hope this awesome weather holds so I can spend much of our spring break mornings next week nursing a cup of tea and basking in the early light.  
The beautiful mornings have got to be the best part about spring!

To get a peek into Maaret's morning, go here.

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