Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Comfortably oblivious

I didn't think about it when I went and knocked on my neighbors door to ask for two eggs.  The boys and I wanted to bake chocolate chip cookies after all, had actually started to make them already before realizing we didn't have enough eggs.  So we borrowed eggs, baked, and ate soft, warm cookies that fell apart when we picked them up too soon.  And while I was pulling more out of the oven, I realized this was a perfect opportunity to bring a "welcome to the neighborhood" treat to the couple who moved in next door last week.

I didn't think about it when I knocked on the new neighbor's door either.  Or when she invited me in and we stood in her foyer chatting, me balancing the baby on my hip.

I didn't think about what kind of a picture I made, and looking back, boy oh boy it was a good one.  My first thought was "oh horror! I looked a wreck!" I must have screamed stay-at-home mom.

That morning, I had picked up the first pair of jeans I'd found - the pair I'd worn the last two days already.  I had pulled one of Dean's sweatshirts over my pajama shirt.  And I hadn't bothered to brush my hair.  What's more, I had gone to sleep with it wet the night before.

So yes, I was one stylin' mama. I was even wearing my black fuzzy slippers! Now it's starting to strike my funny bone! I think the only thing that could have made it better would have been my bleach-stained yoga pants and perhaps some food stains or booger smears on my shoulder from the baby.

And I stood in Kim's foyer, quite oblivious and very comfortable, welcoming her to the neighborhood.  I said "If you ever need anything, just let us know!"
"Oh, and the same to you guys. The same to you," she said.

I wonder if my words were a bit ironic to her.  Me looking like I did and with five kids running around my feet offering to help her out.

Because I don't photograph myself at my most comfortable, 
I'll share my kiddos, in not so perfect form.
Some days are just like that

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