Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My hubby's Competition

I am in love.
With my photo books.
Well, I love my hubby too, but these are something new to look at. :)

Hey, I'm not the only one who feels this way!  This was the third morning in a row that I found all the kids quietly looking through the books. I work hard at taking deep breaths and refraining from taking my loves out of their hands in order to protect them and keep them safe.

This was the latest delivery to my door.  Like I said, I'm in love.

I love the full bleed photos on a page.  I love the subjects in the photos.
I love how professional this format of photo storage looks.

Donovan can be heard saying "That's me! That's me!".

I've written about my photobooks before. Really I should have just titled that post, "Ramblings about two different brands of Photobooks", as I have stuck with MyPublisher for the last two years of our family 'albums' even though I declared Shutterfly the better choice.  I just noticed that my Shutterfly book's pages are starting to come loose at the binding. :(
You know, I did try digital scrapbooking which is fun.  But I'd rather be sewing or painting something.  So once a year (in February they usually have a great promotion where extra pages are free), I compile a book with all our photos from the previous year, adding journalling where I want. It's pretty quick (considering the amount of photos) and painless.  Ninety pages later, I have a kissable piece of perfection.

And, MyPublisher has a very cool new feature.  Extra thick pages! Well worth the extra $5 if you ask me.
The book on the left, which has the same number of pages as the middle book, has the extra thick pages. More durable books are a plus in this house, where little hands constantly peruse them.

If only my hubby knew what he was up against...
extra thick pages of our children, hard cover bound.

Maybe he should start walking around shirtless.


  1. I'll have to look at My Publisher. I'm liking the thick look book.

    ... your poor hubby ....

  2. I need to start doing this....