Friday, March 9, 2012

no mother to love them

How soundly my children sleep
their healthy bodies puffing soft breath
against pillows that smell faintly of Tide

the walls of our home surround them and warm them
they do not feel hungry or afraid
they do not worry for tomorrow

the walls show their smiling faces behind frames
the fridge displays their drawings and poems
the mess on the floor shows how hard they have played

but somewhere, i know
lies an un-cherished child
perhaps hungry or cold
yet so deserving

my heart aches for that child
for the thousands, actually
that have no mother to love them
no place to call home

in the morning when things are unruly
when my child is running late and another is crying
i must remember to stop and to love them

to love them for the blessing they are
to love them for the thousands that i simply cannot

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