Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Springing for Sunshine

Connor and Aubrey got to go to Grandma's for the first half of Spring Break.
I got this picture text on Monday.
He was so proud of that loaf of bread!
And I am so thankful that my kids get to make memories with their Grandma!

What is Spring Break without some warm weather and sunshine?
I had to travel south a bit, but I did find some almost-shorts-weather sunshine (It has to be pretty hot before I pull out my shorts, but the kids were in bathing suits!).

In Prescott Valley, I sunburned my face when I met some ladies at the park.
We took over the entire place. :)

On Thursday we met some more friends and 'hiked' Montezuma's Well.  
The 1/3 mile loop trail was just about perfect for 2 moms with 10 kids age 9 and under. :)
I thought all the fun was in seeing the kids getting excited about the place and having fun themselves.

The picnic area is great because the prehistoric irrigation canals run all around it.
Kids plus water equals hours of entertainment.
Can you spot Brant in this picture?

He was in his glory in those little streams, searching for bugs and scooping mud with his new buddy Chandler.

All the kids loved it, actually.  They stripped down to their skibbies and played for hours.  
Now before you get your undies in a bundle, let me assure you that the older ones had swim suits along and we basically had the whole picnic area to ourselves.

It was a perfect spring day.
Especially now that I look out my living room window and see two feet of snow!

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  1. Ooh... looks like fun! I think I picked a bad time of year to visit. Not enjoying all of our snow and I am soo sick of it!