Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Our favorite place to hike

Sedona is the place to be in the spring. It's less than an hour drive, the temps are in the 70's, there are hundreds of trails, and the scenery never gets old.  Saturday found us geared up for a hike near Dry Creek.
 Elaina was a champ hiker!  She even took a little nap in the pack. Here she is on our lunch break, just chilling.

 Brant is always picking me flowers. Never mind that they were tiny desert wildflowers. Isn't he sweet?
Isn't the scenery stunning?
 Brant was also collecting rocks for his rock collection. And what Brant does, Donovan does.

Our hikes are always pretty slow paced, filled with lots of exploring along the way.  But that's okay with me, because I'd rather the kids love and look forward to family hikes than dread the experience.  So for now, I have plenty of time to stop and take pictures along the way. And we have ample opportunity to improve our story telling abilities since that is how we distract little minds from weary little legs at the end of the trail.
My favorite picture from the day.     

Do you have any places you go to every spring?  Are you doing any hiking? Any story telling along the trail?


  1. Funny that we were in Sedona on Saturday and didn't know that 3 other families from Flag were there also! And your day sounds alot like ours. An easy, relaxing hike with lots of stops to enjoy the scenery. Elaina is so cute just chillin in the pack-Winston loves being in the back pack too. He just pats Dad on the shoulder like "good horse, thanks for the ride" We should go together sometime:)

  2. Love the pictures! Haven't really started any yearly spring events. And haven't done any family hikes.