Friday, April 12, 2013

15:52 Reflection

Shopping with three kids...
It's quite an experience.  
An entertaining one mind you, if you're in the right mind set.

15:52 Reflection
One child is in his own world, the other looking at his reflection in the window, and the third child?
Well, that's a good question. 

Shopping with a toddler and two pre-schoolers is such an incredible experience that I have decided I will rent mine out to you so you can experience it yourself.  Actually, I wouldn't dream of charging you for this service, I will loan them to you.

However, I will not be held responsible for their actions.  Don't blame me if you have one child lying on the floor screaming and two others racing for the bathrooms, without you, the adult.
I'm just the mom after all.
And when your excursion ends looking something like this...

I'll just shrug my shoulders and mumble something about the results of shopping during lunch and/or nap time.

Perhaps Anita would like a chance to shop with three kids, and reflect on days gone by!

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