Monday, April 22, 2013

waiting to be sewn into something

Every now and then (usually when I'm bored) I head to the thrift store just because.  
I look through the rows and rows of ugly and worn clothing for those occasional surprises.  

Like this one.  

An American Eagle Outfitters dress (that I would never in my right mind wear as a dress). Or let my daughter wear for that matter.  Unless it was a swimsuit cover-up?

Anyhow, back to the matter.  This little number was a bit skimpy but pretty and flowy.  Kind of peasant-ish or bohemian. It had an elastic baby doll waist with a drawstring.  
In other words it was a perfect candidate for dress-turned-skirt.

Less than thirty minutes with the scissors and sewing machine resulted in this.

Makes me want to head to Goodwill.

If only there wasn't a pile still on my sewing desk of stuff that needs the attention of the sewing machine.

Which reminds me of another little project I finished up after the skirt.  It was a backyard-appeal-improvement project, if you will.  One that cost me nothing as the fabric is leftover from my patio chair cushions and the old hangar was found in our closets.

It makes me wish this family didn't need dinner in their bellies and I could go sit at the sewing machine.  I've got drawers full of fabric waiting to turn into something!

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