Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The baby is the best

For all the trials a large family brings, for all the negative comments and pressure we receive, and for all the work raising a large family is, I don't know what we would do without the 'baby'.

The baby brings out the best in everyone.  
The kid that is ornery and grumpy one minute, becomes lovable and caring the next when interacting with the baby. When any of the older kids are bored, they go and play with the baby, which often results in lots of giggles. Even grown ups lose their solemness around the baby.
I think that all boys have some nurturing nature in them, and it is the baby that brings that side out.  Even the toughest of kids soften around the baby. It is so fun to see that not-often-seen side of them.

And laughter!?  It is our baby that has brought the most into our home (whichever child happens to be the baby at the time).

This little girl sometimes has the whole family in stitches with her antics.
She has this uncanny ability of lightening your sour mood with a simple raise of her little eyebrows.

Laughing at her (and often times with her as she thinks its pretty funny to be so funny) is the best stress reliever I know.

Point a camera at her and you'll get her classic baby cheese.  Give her a musical toy and you'll get a comical, high-stepping, tip-toe dance.  Tell her it's lunch time and she'll holler "Yayyyyy!". Cry and she'll come and give you a hug, saying "Huuuudt".  Take off her diaper and you'll hear her high pitched squeal as she runs her naked self as fast as she can away from you.
Show her a picture of Brant and she'll say "Butt!"

I'm shaking. Excuse me while I wipe my eyes.  That one still gets me. Every. Single. Time.

I hope every one of you has experienced the lighthearted laughter and the love that babies bring.
Because I thank God every day for our baby, and can't imagine our life without her.  

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