Monday, June 18, 2012

Waving good-bye?

This little girl...

is STILL the boss of this household!
Eight and a half months after her speedy arrival, she continues to rule the roost.
Once she starts hollering, I move into overdrive and finish up as quickly as I can, whether I was setting dinner out or reading bedtime stories to the kids. And once her cries reach a certain decibel, I completely stop what I'm doing to attend to her, which is usually to nurse her to sleep.
I guess you could say that she has me wrapped around her very tiny, chubby little finger.

But that's okay with me, I love her to bits and pieces.

The whole family celebrated once she popped a tooth.  We clapped and cheered once she started to crawl (just last week) and we regularly coo at her to coax out a smile or chase away her frown.

Our latest excitement is over her new "wave".  She holds out her arm and bends her wrist repeatedly in what looks like a wave buh-bye.

I am beginning to wonder, though, if that is what she is really doing.
At this age, babies are developing so quickly, I would love to be able to 'see' the rapid-fire of sensors going off in her brain.

While I will mourn the end of infancy and all the sweet, cuddly moments it means, I marvel at her growth and the new things she has learned to do.
It is at this age as well, around 9 months old, that babies can learn to sign.
You see, I've been signing 'milk' to her right before I nurse her and while I am nursing. I have not been religious about it (though I should be), but have been signing to her sporadically for the last couple weeks.  It was while I sat down to nurse her today, her knowing what was coming and impatient for the snack, that she started doing her little wave.

I am of the opinion that my little queen is starting to connect the dots.

She is starting to play and experiment more with her hands, and I am eager to take off on a signing journey, one that will begin much earlier than my other experiences if we keep this up.

Oh the places you'll go, little Elaina!!!


  1. She looks like her uncle Lars!

    1. Funny because right away when I saw this picture I thought that she looks really familiar! Like the mix of our kids and Lars. They must be relatives! :-)

  2. This is such a fun age! I didn't know you could already teach signing this early. I always underestimate how smart kids really are and it always leave me marveling.