Monday, June 11, 2012

Play-Doh filled stress relievers

Do you ever have mornings you wish you could just start over?  Or better yet, that you wish your kids ould start over? 

It seems we are having a lot of those lately, caused by late nights, yes, but mornings we have to get through none the less.

With my very stubborn and sometimes quite difficult boys, I am constantly asking myself three questions when they are having a meltdown - are they hungry? are they tired? do they need positive attention from me?

I'm finding that almost always, the answer to one of those questions is "yes!"

While that may help prevent a meltdown, it does nothing to help us get through a meltdown.

Enter Pinterest (gosh, but isn't that site the greatest?)

I have no link to share sorry because I didn't actually pin it. 
We now own a set of Play-Doh filled balloon stress balls.

the cute faces, drawn on with permanent marker, eventually rub off. Darn!
Some live in my purse (for those errand running meltdowns) and some live on the fridge.
They are the perfect size for little hands and are also great boredom busters for travelling and waiting rooms.
I'm hoping they can help us through some rough mornings and other tense moments. Because lets face it, as a mother of five, its not always possible to attend to the needy at the exact moment they need it.

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