Monday, June 25, 2012

Day at the Creek

I hadn't realized how long its been since I've pulled out my camera and documented our family life.
I've taken random single shots here and there, but my camera has remained sitting on the desk for the majority of this last month.

That is not okay, I have growing kids!!  I need to capture them today, at this moment.  

Saturday we took a trip down Oak Creek Canyon, in search of some water to cool off in.
And this time, I grabbed my camera.

I never get tired of the beauty of this place.

The water was cold, and oh so refreshing (why, yes, I was the first one to jump in)!
We had a relaxing afternoon, chowing down cherries and snack mix in between dips in the water.

Brant had a hey-day catching dragonflies off of logs, our hats, and our backs.  He learned how to grab them by the wings so he could observe them up close before letting them go.  

Elaina LOVES the water.  She would try squirming out of our arms so she could be all the way in the water. She didn't care that is was cold, and squealed every time I took her out of the creek.

These fish kids of mine are pretty darn cute if you ask me.

We even did a little bit of hiking around, exploring up the creek a ways.  I love how my oldest two are getting so independent.  Before we left, they filled up their backpacks with their own towels, water bottles, hats, water shoes, and even goggles. They were ready for a day at the creek. 
And it made our load to carry that much lighter!

Yes, I do love our family outings.  
Especially when they are my hubby's idea, and he steps up to the plate and then some to make our day.
Daddy's are great.  They can do anything!


  1. What a fun day with fabulous photo opportunities!

  2. This is my favorite summer post so far.

    On a side note: how are you able to organize your photos so nicely on blogspot? Mine can only be posted in a straight vertical row.