Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stripping the Beds

We are trying to get in the habit of making our beds every morning around here.
And if your brother jumps on your freshly made bed, you just might get a little mad.

When I asked them to strip their beds the other morning so I could wash the sheets, they happily obliged me.
I guess this is why...

I guess an unmade bed is an open invitation to jump from the bed to the pile of comforters on the floor.

I try not to spend my entire mothering years saying "no", so I pull out my camera instead.
And when I protest about jumping on a bare mattress because I don't want it to get dirty, they kindly place a blanket on the mattress for me. 
They had a hey-day in there.  Next time though, I might strip the beds myself and cover the bed nicely with the comforter so no one dares mess up the "made" bed.

And on a little bit of a different note, I absolutely love waterproof mattress pads.  Every bed that belongs to a child 6 or under (including my own bed, since my baby kind of owns it right now) has a waterproof mattress pad on it.  And no, I am not talking about the plastic-y things that crinkle and make you sweat ten-fold.  I'm talking about the $18 padded, cotton, comfortable, completely water proof mattress pad that you can buy at Target. 
Well worth the investment if you ask me.
Because I don't know of anybody who has gotten the pee, puke, or other bodily fluids smell out of a $100+ mattress.
If you have, I might have asked you your secret, but since I've outfitted every bed in the house, I won't be needing it. :)

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