Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Super simple baby blanket

Are you tired of the sappy, emotional posts?
All right, no sap today.
Today we're all about domesticity.

Besides baking chocolate chip cookies, I was finally able to whip up a blanket for my little loves.  Months ago I found some soft and comfy minky fabric in the remnant bin at Hobby Lobby and snatched it up.  It was crying to be wrapped around a baby.

So, here's my version of an easy-peasy baby blanket.

Find some fun, bold fabric to match your super soft minky, about a yard of each. Pre-wash.
Use batting if you want a heavier weight blanket.
1) Assemble your quilt sandwich.
2) Baste the layers together with spray adhesive. (Super simple way to hold it together while you sew!)
3) Square up the quilt, cutting off excess.
Make strips of fabric and iron in half for binding. To be truly easy-peasy - use extra wide bias tape.
4) Sew edge of binding, or one edge of bias tape, to back of quilt.
5) Flip binding over and sew to the front.
Hand stitch a few stitches in the center of the quilt (I used black thread so it would be hidden) to keep all layers together.
If you used spray adhesive, wash before use.

Wasn't that super simple!  And it's super cute too.

Elaina's blanket on left.  Doll's blanket on right.

I'm in love with the bold colors. I want that fabric in a heavier weight for curtains in my dining room.
I made a second blanket for a baby gift, only the front fabric kind of shrunk in the wash so it never was gifted, except to the kids' dolls. Learn from my mistakes.

Lastly, be sure to get a picture of the baby with her new blanket.
Go ahead and say that the great big smile you earn is because of the adorable baby blanket you just made.

I completely understand; I'm still skipping around and grinning myself.

What quick and fun projects have you whipped up lately?

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  1. I love them! All those bright colors would make me smile nonstop. I should add this to my project list!