Thursday, January 12, 2012

On Blogging

When I write and post something to my blog, I sometimes forget that I am opening myself up to hundreds of people, some of whom I do not even know.  It is a startling thought.

I guess you could call this blog a hobby of mine. A place for me to share my writings and pictures.  Sometimes I feel like I am venting, other times I am sharing what is so near and dear to me: my children and my job as their mother.  Always it is worth it if just one of you is somehow touched or inspired by what I post.

Sometimes I have an idea, sit down to write, and never hit the publish button.  Other times I just happen to have half an hour in my day so I sit down, start typing, and my post seems to write itself.
Yesterday's post, Hear me Roar, was one such post.  I planned only to write about how writing is such an outlet for me. It turned into so much more as I was writing.  It is what I felt right then and there.  It is me. 

Sometimes after writing a post, I move on with the hundred little things that fill my day and forget about this blog.  Other times I briefly wonder how a post will be received and what people think.

Thank you to those that left a comment or messaged me. You made my day. Seriously.

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  1. I enjoying reading your post keilah your so talented in many ways. keep it up. Your children love you dearly...---Denise