Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My living room and Hallelujah!

It feels kind of funny to post about this, especially since I don't pride myself on being any kind of interior designer (I'm actually far from it), but seeing as how my visualizing post was one of the most popular posts, I thought I'd give you guys an update.

When we first moved in, I could not get the brown carpet or balloon valances with heavy drapes out of my living room fast enough.  So, there is no 'before' picture.  Darn! Because I'd love for you to see the drastic change that took place. Plus my living room would look that much better in comparison. :)

I finally took out a hammer and dared to put a hole in my blue wall.  For a few weeks after painting it, I just couldn't bring myself to mar the one fresh, clean wall in the house.  And that framed picture will no doubt come down soon and be replaced with something that fills the space better.  Oh well.
(I just realized that I have matching pairs of end tables, lamps, chairs, and wall hangings. I like balance and symmetry, but goodness, can a person go overboard? Is it too much?)

To refresh your memory, here is what I was visualizing for the wall color.

I know, it looks nothing like the color I ended up putting on the wall.  I found that the computer screen and real life lighting are absolutely nothing alike. I ended up pulling my wall color from the rug, which, by the way, I absolutely love. Thanks to overstock.com, I got the rug for $100 less than Target's price.

I'm so glad the concrete floors are behind us. Our living room can actually be lived in!
We love having some place to sprawl out and get comfortable. Especially in the first half of the day when the sun streams in.

The corner chair is the favorite spot in the house on a winter morning. 
Not only am I still in love with this view,
Color! Pictures! On my walls!
It's also the ideal place for some vitamin D therapy after a bath.

Now this girl, the cutest little Dolly Lolly (or E-lai-lai. It depends on how many syllables I want to sing) is becoming a camera hog.

 I better start focusing on some other little peeps around here.  Like this adorable kid.

At two and a half, he just up and potty trained himself! I actually have only one child in diapers! 
Hallelujah, Hallelujah! Halleluja, Halleluja, Ha-lle-lu-ja!
Oh, sorry, wrong season. 
But seriously, I am still dancing little jigs down the hall.  I had three kids in diapers after Elaina was born. Do you want to know how many poop diapers that equated to?  Okay maybe you don't want to know; basically it was too many. Now I am down to buying one box of size 3 diapers every month at Sam's club.  
Enter sigh of utter contentment.


  1. love the living room color!! and you crack me up. i've been trying to find your oh crap story about one of your kids needing to be wiped and another in there willing to help because i wanted to share it, but i can't find it! miss u!

  2. um so, I think this post was written to make me feel a tad envious over here, as I continue to change THREE kids in diapers?! sounds like I need to send a couple your way! LOL your house is looking very cute!