Friday, January 13, 2012

Feeling It

Aren't I supposed to be getting the organization itch?  Shouldn't I be wanting to clean out all my closets and cupboards?  I mean, it is January. Isn't that what happens in January?
Because I'm not feeling it.

What I'm feeling is that I'm missing something, that there's something I should be doing.  With the Holidays behind us, and no signing classes on the horizon, I kind of feel lazy. And bored.

Lazy has slowly turned into relaxed.

Bottom left = sneak peek of the progress on the walls around here

Bored has slowly turned into "let's get moving".

Winter walks are amazing, especially in the evening as the sun is setting.  The peaks are so breathtaking; I can sometimes see snow blowing off the top.

So maybe January means rediscovering how to live life in the slow lane rather than productivity and organization. I can live with that. I'm feeling it.

Except for the fact that its time to start working on tax returns. Sigh.  Does anybody look forward to that job?  I like the return, otherwise I'd be one of those who files on April 15th.  If only I was more organized, I might not dread it...

Happy January! Go find some winter and enjoy it before it's gone! 


  1. liking the color and the new rug, and pics up on the wall... haven't been up there in a few.. hopefully one of the days !!!-Denise

  2. It looks beautiful in Flagstaff! Not so huge piles of snow anymore. That's good.
    :-) We're soon buried under the snow banks here. It has been snowing hard last couple days and it's starting to be too much for me. Waiting for spring to come already! Can't wait till we move there! :-) -Saana

  3. Don't worry if you're not "feeling it" when it comes to the house, organizing etc. Looks like your kids are enjoying time with their mom! That's what I call making memories! Best part of being a kid. :)