Thursday, January 5, 2012

out with a bang

i feel like the clock is ticking as i write this.
i have all my little hands sign lesson plans spread around me
(i have a workshop to teach on saturday).
elaina is sure to wake soon and need to be fed.
my hubby is on his way home from the gym.
for some reason, i cannot justify staying up late to play on the computer once he gets home.

i can hardly justify 'playing' instead of working either, as i'm not ready to teach yet
but sometimes, an hour spent on photoshop, in a quiet house, is a much needed hour of bliss.

i didn't take enough photos over Christmas.  we were crazy busy and i have been saying i will never do that again - go to prescott valley then phoenix on the two days we celebrate Christmas. 
but...i don't regret it.  we got to spend time with loved ones, loved ones that i'm not sure will be here next Christmas.  we visited, ate, visited, and ate some more. the kids loved the nonstop play with their oodles of cousins.
i think my head finally stopped spinning after the new year came in, but the memories we made were worth it.


  1. looks like you had fun over the holidays! good luck with your workshop on Saturday!

  2. fun circle format. I wanted to see some of the pictures bigger to examine the small details. I really like the one of Carina reading to the sofaful of kids.