Tuesday, January 17, 2012

cheap and crafty...shopper?

I don't know if I'm crafty because I'm cheap, or if I'm cheap because I'm crafty.
Actually, I think they're usually two separate things, that happen to coexist nicely. I love a good bargain. I'm not afraid of goodwill, craigslist, or garage sales. I love making things with my hands.  Especially with the sewing machine or with paint and wood.

I would not, however, call myself especially creative.  All my ideas come from something I've already seen done.
While I was looking online for homemade Christmas gift ideas (remember that we had a homemade gift exchange?) I stumbled across a wonderful site: one pretty thing. Each day there are at least a dozen links of DIY tutorials.

My creations, thanks to that website:

Sadly, I do not think the three drops of essential oil I put in the heat pads kept it scented longer than two days.  Next time I will fill them with something other than rice. Something that does not smell musty when heated.
The kitchen hot pads were pure fun to make.  How come I never discovered bias tape before this project?!

Other times I am not so successful.
I have dyed red hands today and nothing to show for it.

Forget the cheap and crafty, perhaps today is my day for shopping!

On second thought, those three -thrifter, crafter, shopper - can coexist. I know all the aisles of Joann's, Ross, and Target.
Hmm, where does Target fit into this equation?
Maybe I should go find out.


  1. Love the pillows! I have found that only cotton dyes well. Riitta

  2. The pillows are definitely fun! Could you still use the vest? Do you have a surger? Something girly? A baby hat? Cover an old vase? Cut just below the arm pits, than sew a seam with a long stitch length, bunch, gather, ruffle.. than add it just below the arm pits of a white onesie. Now you'll an adorable dress for the newest princess. I'll stop now. If you need more ideas let me know.

  3. Thanks for the fun ideas! I saved the vest and will have to try something else with it. I like the idea of the dress, but don't have a serger.