Saturday, December 10, 2011

remodeling my kitchen. on paper

Now that you know that I am no interior designer or decorator, and that it will take me 5 weeks to make a decision, and 5 more to implement any change, let me share with you the progression of kitchen update ideas since we moved in.

Upon first sight of my kitchen, I immediately said "Oh look at all the counter space! Look at all these cabinets!"  You see, I had been rolling out my cinnamon rolls and cutting out cookies on my kitchen table for the last couple years. I had a bookshelf in my garage to store small appliances.  This kitchen looked heavenly!

Here is the kitchen plan one week after moving in (and after replacing the appliances and tearing out the pantry to fit the new refrigerator in):
Here is the kitchen plan after living here for two weeks.
Here is the kitchen plan after living here six weeks and after I have spent a hundred hours staring at it while nursing my baby in the adjoining room.

I forgot to add a few things:
-Raise up the cabinet above the micro-hood and raise the micro-hood as well.
-Install a cabinet above the refrigerator that is as deep as the refrigerator (so it is actually accessible and so the top if the fridge isn't a space to collect junk).
-Put crown molding along the tops of all cabinets.

Do you see now why I shouldn't stay home so much?  I get too many ideas.

I tooled around with the idea of painting the cabinets white to freshen and lighten the kitchen up.  But I have white appliances, so never mind that idea.  I think that with the ceiling raised up to normal height, and that one row of cabinets gone, it will feel much more open and air-y.

Now I just have to convince my hubby that more cupboard space is not always best and that we should raise up the ceiling.
Once again, I have to say it could take awhile.
That's okay though.  My kitchen is fully functional.  I can live with it for a loooong time.
Perhaps I should warn him though, I just might come up with a few more changes in the meantime!


  1. I hope Dean reads your blog so he knows what is in store for him next spring!!!!! ;)

  2. Ha. Realistically, picture one is our one year plan. Picture two is our three year plan. And picture three is just my plan, which would be the ten year plan! lol!

  3. i think white cabinets would be nice! i have seen a lot of bblogs with white. susie

  4. I think maybe you should feed the baby in the living room! :)

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