Wednesday, December 21, 2011

making my list, adding to it twice

This year I am making a lot of my Christmas gifts.  I keep thinking of more people to sew or bake for. And somehow, we have bought more and spent more on our own children than last year.
We decided to get the kids each something that they want.  When Aubrey finally told me the one thing she wanted, I had already gotten her gift that had been ordered online.  Rather than return it, we decided to give two gifts to each of them.  Now Brant is telling everybody that he is getting bubble bath for Christmas.  And I had all the stocking stuffers figured out!  Even steven.  Either Santa is not going to be fair this year when he fills stockings, or there will be a little gift - shaped just like a bottle of bubble bath- under our tree that is labeled for the Johnson family.  Our tub is almost big enough too. ;)
(Perhaps next year would be a good time to teach my kids that we do not always get what we want.)

I sit down and craft/sew after the kids are asleep.
Last night, I finished sewing part of a gift. I started the project seriously doubting my ability to pull it off.  You know, make it worthy of giving.  But it turned out great!  I was ecstatic and told Dean that I wanted to sew twenty more.  I also may have said that bias tape is my new friend.
For the record, I did not sew twenty more. It would have entailed a trip to Joann's - a store which, sadly, does not burn the midnight oil too.

Dear Santa,
This year I want time to sit and play.  Some fun fabrics to play with would be nice too.
Oh, and can you arrange to have the house cleaned and supper made on the days I play too?
My family would really appreciate it.
P.S. if this is too much for you, just send me reminders though out this next year that once I have an empty nest I will be sewing and crafting like crazy to avoid missing what I have today.

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