Friday, December 9, 2011

more confuddled than ever

-My pictures are still propped against the living room wall behind the chair.
-I still have no idea what rug to put in there. Current debate between me, myself, and I (since Dean just listens and has no input) : wool vs. synthetic.
-I am even more indecisive now about paint colors than I was before using the visualizer tool.

I went to the Sherwin-Williams store for a paint sample of the blue-gray paint that I liked when using the visualizer tool.

The color was called thunderous. In my picture above, I thought it was a nice blue-gray. In reality, thunderous doesn't appear to have any blue in it at all!

I now have 20 other blue samples to hold up against my wall.  I now am even more confuddled and befused.
(I won't call the visualizer tool worthless yet.  At least it helped me decide what color family to use. Besides, our tree is up in that corner, so I can't paint yet anyway.)

This morning I decided to move on to something more in my comfort zone. Moving on? again!? 
I ordered five 8 x10 prints to fill the frames I received for my birthday.
I can't wait to get them up on the wall in our hallway.
And that will be progress, something hung on my walls!

Perhaps, just maybe, one could kinda sorta say that I need professional help???  ha!

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