Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mounting Excitement

I have a new center corner piece for my table.  Its called a sewing machine.

I think my family will be happy once I'm done sewing Christmas gifts; our table will be clear of fabric, thread, batting, and rulers once again. I do have a sewing desk in my room, but since the baby sleeps in there and I sew during her naps... a messy table it is.
One gift left to go, then its on to more baking, which means a messy kitchen.  I can't wait.

Here's last week's messy, which resulted in yummy (which also resulted in tummy).

And here are my cuties in front of Grandma's Christmas tree.

They looked so stinkin' cute all dressed up for their Sunday School program.
Then they morphed into sheep and a shepherd.
They were still pretty cute, even covered in sheets.

The program was sweet, as usual.  We enjoyed all the instrumentals and a yummy coffee lunch. Then we packed up our sugared, over-tired kids and headed home through some extremely thick fog, finally crawling into bed after 11 PM.

I hope I am ready to do it all over again this coming weekend.
I am beginning to wonder if it will still feel like Christmas to us if we skip the Sunday School program and all the gatherings.  I'm kind of ready for a quiet Christmas season at home that does not entail driving an hour and a half or more every weekend.
Kind of.  Because I am looking forward to two days spent with brothers, sisters, in-laws, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and oodles and oodles of nieces and nephews (read cousins and play mates for my kids).

Anyhow, the excitement is mounting over here, and the countdown is continuing in earnest. The gifts that are under the tree have been hefted, shaken, and smelled.  It will be a miracle if they all stay whole and wrapped for the entire next five days.

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