Thursday, October 27, 2011

Believe that you are Beautiful

After placing a princess crown on the birthday girl's head this morning, we realized that the two sisters were dressed alike!  Aubrey, of course, was just thrilled.

The two pink princesses
Aubrey turns six today.  Like every other mother, I ask "Where does the time go?!"  Wasn't it just yesterday that I held her as an infant?  Wasn't it just yesterday that Dean would tell everybody that he'd give them $50 if they could make her, at 6 months old, smile? (nobody ever earned a cent!) 

Elaina 1 month, Aubrey 6 years

Ahh, my dear Aubrey... 
you have a beautiful smile.  I'm glad that we see your sunny smile and hear your infectious laughter often.  
You are a beautiful girl.  
I want you to believe that with your whole being.

No matter what the other girls around you look like, 
or what size jeans you are wearing,
or what brand the tag of your shirt reads,
or what the number on the scale says, 
or how many friends you have,
or how perfect your teeth are, 
or what you wear,
or how your hair is styled,
you are beautiful.

I want you to know that being beautiful means believing in yourself.  It means standing up for who you are and what you believe in, especially when no one else will.  It means always putting forth your best effort.  It means trying hard.  It means thinking, and asking questions, and learning.  It means thinking of and encouraging others.  It means being comfortable with who you are.  It means respecting yourself first so you can respect those around you.
Being beautiful means being you.

Happy Birthday sweet Aubrey.
There will never be another girl quite like you. Ever.
You are special.
You are loved.

Believe this.


  1. aw, so sweet! happy birthday, Aubrey!

  2. Lovely letter! I'm sure she'll treasure it.