Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The most priceless expression

I enjoy writing.  I enjoy blogging.  As long as its on my time, when I have the inspiration.
Thank goodness this blog is exactly that.
Between moving and welcoming baby number five, I am surprised that I have the ideas in my head and the desire to take pen to paper.  What I am lacking is the inspiration to pick up my camera.

I am frustrated with my inability to capture the images I want.  I need to get more familiar with my camera and its capabilities so I can get the lighting I want in my pictures.  I have gotten in the bad habit of leaving the settings on auto, then taking 20 pictures waiting for the meters to read what I want them to.
What I would love is a new camera, a digital SLR.  Then I could manually focus, take a quicker series of photos, and I would be forced to learn what I currently cheat on by using the auto setting.  I know, I know, I am only cheating myself with auto settings.

Take, for example, my images from the hospital.  I had no energy to get up and open the blinds, and I do not like to use flash.  My pictures are dim and grainy, and the quality of a series of pictures are not consistent.
Oh - but look at the subjects!
Is this not the most priceless expression!?

And he was so gentle, content to sit and hold his new little sister for over half an hour.

I am glad that I had my camera ready for their first views of their new sister. I feel though like I am missing out on something by not getting the best pictures I can.  Like I am cheating this time in our family's life.
I have to get better images.

I'm off to learn more about my camera, and I think that my sleeping little loves is a good place to start.
Who can resist that newness and perfection?


  1. do you want our panasonic lumix digital SLR? we bought it right before vietnam, which i guess was about 4 1/2 years ago for around $699.00. we didn't love it because i have no patience for manual settings and we found it hard to get super focused pics. i sent it back and they said there is nothing wrong with the camera. i occasionally take it out as an extra camera for bday parties, etc. and it seems the focus problem was only that it is easy to accidently flip the switch from automatic focus to manuel without realizing it. it think it's a great camera (i have the panasonic lumic tiny digital and i love love love it) but the key is to know and understand how to use all the levers and buttons and settings! if you want to learn it and use it, it's yours. let me know.

    p.s. and one more thing, i think you are doing it all perfectly! even your pics. :)

  2. You are very generous Carina! If you're sure you won't miss it, of course I'll put the camera to use! And I don't know what I'd do without the ability to edit my pics. Photoshop Elements is my good friend. :)

  3. don't be too hard on yourself for feeling like you're not getting the "perfect" shot. sometimes the images we capture in our mind are just as good, if not better. it's like our emotions take mental photographs for us, so that we can recall the experience whenever we so choose. just some food for thought :-)

  4. i'll bring it when i come. you can try it out and play with it, and if you like using it, keep it. if you don't think you will use it after trying it out, i'll stick it back in my closet. when i was in minnesota, tikki would whip out her camera, point it at an unsuspecting subject and snap without even looking at what she was taking a pic of. she was constantly catching me unaware. i'm sure a lot of those pics are trash but some come out funny and good. i keep forgetting i really want to try it more!