Wednesday, November 2, 2011

freezing time to inhale. and eat.

Once you have kids, there seems to only be one speed to life: fast.
Like hello? its already November!  And every once in a while, I forget that I have three kids home during the days now, so I just might want to reconsider taking along all the littles when I run my errands. 
One trip to the store usually cures me of that.

Ummm, how is it that time goes by so quickly that I haven't gotten used to having a newborn yet? 
Maybe I haven't woken up yet and realized she's here.

Speaking of which, I woke up yesterday. Well at least for just long enough to realize that this little precious isn't going to stay little for too much longer.

somebody's got munchable cheeks
Yikes, she's five weeks old already, and I've hardly pulled out my camera.  How else am I going to remember that she really did have a newborn phase, and I wasn't just dreaming it up?

In my moment of clarity and alertness yesterday, I remembered that I had some adorable baby gifts sitting in their gift bags.  Good thing I woke up in time, she might have outgrown them.

This little knit dress is too adorable! (Thanks Maria!)

And would you believe that my friend made these cute shoes?!  
(Check out all of Sharon's baby shoes at her etsy shop.)

If I could freeze time, if I could make any stage of my children's lives last a little longer, I just might choose to hang on to the newborn phase.  (okay, maybe I take that back.  I kind of like feeling 'normal' and awake)

The quiet moments are the best.  
After feeding Elaina, I prop her up on my chest and she falls asleep.  The warmth of her tiny body nestled against mine, the downy softness of the hair on the back of her head, the sweet, sweet newborn smell... It is then that I think I could sit and rock her for forever.

Have you ever wondered why we say "you are so cute I could just eat you!"?
Here is your answer.

Or is it just me?


  1. It's not just you...she is adorable and sweet! Maybe it is because they look so sweet (and we moms like our sweets!) I love that last picture, it captures her newborn feeling!!

  2. She is such a doll! Love your pics of her. Waiting to meet her soon.

  3. You aren't the only one. They grow so incredibly fast and that "eating" stage is just gone all of a sudden. We need to get back up there again ... soon ... before she outgrows the basket. What a little love.