Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I'm loving life

because last night was ladies night
and it was wonderful to laugh with girlfriends
rather than remind the kids for the fiftieth time to brush their teeth
and put on their pajamas.

Today I love my cradle swing.
Actually, I love it every day.
It looks like the perfect, cozy place to be on a cold day.
And check out my new floor!  
I love it! I dare to walk barefoot once again.

Today, I love the cool fall weather.
I'm usually a sunshine kind of girl.
But today the gray skies and low temps can't get me down.
I'm getting excited for the Holidays.

Today, I love the reminders of summer in the form of side-walk chalk.
If you walk up to my front door, this is what will greet you...

and two-stick figures among the leaves.

and perhaps some wet little footprints.
because my kids think that its always barefoot weather.

They also think that its planting season.
Carrots, strawberries, and grapes.  hmmm. 

I think I'll go bake some Harvest Loaf Muffins instead.

I love fall. Don't you?


  1. Nice post, I agree- ladies night is refreshing and fun. And fall is great, I'm really enjoying it since it is a complete novelty for me. As winter will be also:) happy baking!

  2. don't you love a good day where you feel just so pleased with life. :) can't wait to see you guys.